Caribbean Small-Scale LNG Supply

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As part of a strategic study on regional LNG supply, Poten developed theavailable conceptual options preferred development alternatives, project economics and competitiveness associated with small-scale LNG supply to a Caribbean nation seeking an alternative to liquid hydrocarbon fuels for power generation.

Our Approach

The Poten technical team executed the following scope of work:

  • Described and screened the potential small-scale LNG supply chain alternatives to the nation, based on US gulf coast LNG supply
  • Developed the conceptual Basis of Design for an LNG import terminal at a pre-selected location
  • Developed LNG terminal material balances for initial equipment sizing
  • Estimated LNG terminal capital costs and full supply chain capital/lease costs and unit costs (in US$/MMBtu)
  • Assessed the competitiveness of the best LNG supply options against established liquid fuel alternatives.