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Project Feasibility and Economics

Merlin Advisors assists project equity and financing participants in evaluating project viability. The analysis and results are tailored to client needs. The most common first step is to develop a preliminary Basis of Design for the specific project being evaluated. Merlin LNG Capital Cost Estimate ModelsTM are fundamental to establishing the preliminary Basis of Design and to preparing an initial cost estimate.

A series of agreed sensitivity tests are then undertaken to optimize the Basis of Design. Sensitivity options include:
  • Greenfield or expansion project;
  • Liquefaction technology;
  • Refrigerant compressor drivers;
  • Power generation;
  • Cooling systems;
  • Storage tanks forLNG and liquids;
  • Liquids extraction facilities;
  • Marine facilities;
  • Labor costs and productivity; and
  • Make up of project team.
These sensitivity studies are conducted quickly and are used to develop an optimized Basis of Design or set of BODs that cover the full range of anticipated project requirements.


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