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Merlin's Services

Merlin Advisors provides technical consulting services across the full spectrum of energy production, transmission and end-user industries. Merlin has developed a massive database through work performed for technology licensors, project developers and project finance institutions. We have a broad and detailed database covering the most LNG process technologies.

Merlin has provided process engineering and cost estimating benchmarking studies for all the major LNG liquefaction licensors as part of their ongoing optimization efforts.

Merlin has utilized and supplemented this proprietary database in project finance support for existing and on-going LNG projects.

The most detailed work involves developing a fully-detailed process simulation for a proposed project for each of the process technologies of interest with capital cost estimates.

At the other extreme, we provide energy and material balances for the envelope around the liquefaction unit, developing only enough information to specify major equipment components to be used for more detailed cost estimates.

These efforts can support project development or simply provide an often needed and strategic “independent” review.


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