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The Leaders in Floating LNG Conference

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Floating LNG Conference

Oct 28-30, 2014 Houston, TX

Merlin Advisors is very pleased to actively participate in presentations and roundtables at the 2014 FLNG conference in Houston.

During the first day Ilmars Kerbers, General Manager of Merlin Advisors, will be presenting about the role of FLNG in the Global Gas market.

On the following day Ilmars will discuss the latest development floating regasification. In particular he will present an Overview of Current & Planned FSRU Projects. What Are The Drivers For Success? What Are The Pros & Cons Of Onshore Vs. Floating Regasification?

In addition to the Presentations Ilmars will lead a Strategy Roundtable on New Technologies and Innovations for the FSRUs of the Future – What Is the Likely Shape of the Next Generation of FSRUs?

This is the first conference engagement for Merlin advisor as an entity. Merlin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Poten & Partners and acts as its technical branch.

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